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Rhinoplasty (nose job): what you need to know

Your nose is the star of your face. It is the most prominent feature and when you’re not happy about its size, the tip or the angle, rhinoplasty surgery can help.
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What is a rhinoplasty procedure?

Do you want to change the profile, size or shape of your nose?

Rhinoplasty, nose surgery or a so-called ‘nose-job’ is a common but complex nose reshaping procedure. With nose surgery, you can change the size of your nose, its profile and its shape. We also use nose surgery if you have difficulty breathing or after trauma.

What can I achieve with rhinoplasty surgery?

Nose reshaping perth - Dr Jeremy Rawlins, Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty can alter the nose shape, size and profile. Here’s a list of problems we treat.

  1. Removing a hump on your nose (also called a high dorsal hump)
  2. Straightening the bridge of your nose
  3. Reshaping your nose tip (overprojected tip, underprojected tip, tension tip, bulbous tip)
  4. Increasing or decreasing the size of your nostrils
  5. Making your nose bigger (nose augmentation) or smaller when you have a disproportionate nose
  6. Correcting your nose after an accident
  7. Opening the nasal passageways

How does rhinoplasty surgery work?

Types of rhinoplasty

Based on the level of complexity, and the type of nose reshaping that is needed, I will either use an open or closed surgical technique.

Open rhinoplasty: we make incisions in the vertical strip of skin separating the nostrils (columella). We then lift the skin and soft tissue to see the nasal anatomy. Once the reshaping is done, we stitch the incision. The scar will be hidden as we position the incision strategically in the natural contours of the nose. This type of rhinoplasty is done for major nose reshaping.

Closed rhinoplasty: we make incisions within the nose via the nostrils. Then we separate the skin of the nose from the bone and cartilage. Once exposed, bone and cartilage can be removed, reshaped or augmented to achieve the desired shape. We use this surgical technique for minor nose reshaping.

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty: if problems persist after previous nose surgery, you need a revision. This can be done open or closed.

Rhinoplasty Perth

"In some cases, we can reshape your nose non-surgically with dermal fillers. These improvements won’t be permanent but will still last up to a year. During our consultation, we will discuss the best treatment option for you."

Dr Jeremy Rawlins

Preparing for your rhinoplasty surgery

As with any surgery, it is best to prepare yourself.

Before surgery, we will take photos of your nose to demonstrate postoperative results

We will need to know whether you are taking medication and we might have to adjust your current medications

You will need to stop smoking well in advance of surgery

You will need to avoid aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs because they may increase the risk of bleeding

After rhinoplasty surgery

Cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery is a day surgery procedure. You will be able to leave the hospital on the same day, but you need to make arrangements, so someone can take you home.

Your recovery will depend on the type of rhinoplasty surgery you had.

"If your nose is being reduced in size, using closed rhinoplasty, we will use a splint or we may pack your nose with medicated gauze. Your stitches are self-absorbing so these won’t need to be removed. In case of open nose surgery, we use skin stitches and we will remove these in five to seven days. "
Dr Jeremy Rawlins
Swelling and stuffiness are common for a few weeks after the surgery. You will be able to resume light activities and return to work after a couple of days but it will take a few weeks before your nose is healed completely. You can expect the swelling associated with rhinoplasty to persist for up to six months.

Why Dr Jeremy Rawlins as your preferred Perth rhinoplasty surgeon?

Rhinoplasty Perth
"I strongly believe in the importance of quality when it comes to plastic surgery. Your individual case, your history, your journey,... All are taken into account. Because at the end of the day, the outcomes of my work will influence your day-to-day life."
Dr Jeremy Rawlins

Dr Rawlins performs plastic surgery in various settings, including burns and reconstruction. Dr Rawlins values and respects patients from all walks of life.

There are many reasons for rhinoplasty surgery, often cosmetic in nature, but in other cases, may be reconstructive. You might have difficulties breathing through your nose, or you may have had an accident including a broken nose. Rhinoplasty can help, whatever the reason you may have to look into this type of surgery.

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