Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery is indicated when structures in the body are abnormally formed or damaged by disease processes. Common pathologies and conditions that I treat include tumours, trauma, infection, and degenerative conditions. Less frequently congenital defects and developmental abnormalities require my care. For each patients’ condition the disease process is corrected and the appropriate reconstruction performed – optimising form and function.


Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the hand and upper limb is offered by Mr Rawlins in his public and private practice.  Trauma to the hands (including fractures, tendon injuries, neurovascular injuries, skin loss, and burns) are dealt with using many different techniques.  Mr Rawlins works closely with hand therapists to ensure optimal outcomes.  Elective hand surgery is also provided, including: Carpal tunnel decompression, Cubital tunnel decompression, DeQuervains release, trigger finger release, dupuytrens release, and surgery for arthritis in the hand.  Mr Rawlins interest in scar revision includes improving the appearance and function of the hand following trauma and burns.